Over 20 Years

Helped thousands of individuals in self and team leadership

I believe that every woman has the potential to be a leader in her own way! 

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Finding your life purpose and mission. Transitioning between segments of life.
Starting a business or looking to position yourself differently to make a difference? 
Truly get the whole message across in the online world without having mistakes and so on. 
Leverage on a wealth of systems, processes and tools to get your voice heard globally.
Who is Janet Aisyah Quek & Why she can help you?
Welcome to “Money Blueprint for Women Leaders”. My name is Janet Aisyah Quek. I am a podcast coach for C-suites, senior leaders and woman leaders. 

For the past 20 years, I have been helping individuals realize their leadership potential. 

In recent years, I have helped to train, coach and engage leaders across Asia Pacific Region to build high performance teams and improve individual engagement and motivation. 

I also coach women to achieve financial independence by following my money blueprint.

Your money blueprint is your belief system based on what your parents taught you, the influence of your friends and your past experiences. 

Your belief influences your decision and behaviour. In this report, I invite you to question your limiting beliefs about wealth and to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. 

An empowering mindset will open the door to financial abundance.

  • Corporate HR 25 Years MNC APAC Regional Leader

  • Certified Podcast Coach: Coaching C-suites and leaders to get recognised as a leader online 
  • Platinum Instant Podcast Leader 2020
  • Top Achiever Instant Podcast Leader 2020
  • Top Achiever Instant Podcast Leader Coach 2020
  • Soul Rich Woman Leader of Excellence 2019 & 2020
  • Mentored by Genecia Alluora
  • Singapore Institute of Human Resources - Leading HR Executive Award 2007/2008
  • Singapore Institute of Human Resources - Award in Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning 2007/2008
  • Singapore Institute of Human Resources - Award in Learning and Human Capital Development 2007/2008
The call is done over skype/zoom for 45 minutes at SGD 68 (instead of $998) with me
 See What Our Clients Have to Say Here :
It's rare to come across standout talent like Janet. I had the chance to cross her path in February 2017.

On top of being extremely pleasant to deal with, she has outstanding professional skills.
I was particularly impressed by her expertise in recruitment, team building, coaching and performance management.

Oh and she's one of the most approachable person I've met in my whole life!

I'd recommend any recruiter or business owner to get in touch with Janet: having her on board is definitely a competitive advantage for any company eager to grow its business
 Fabien Ghys
Founder of Excellence Resumes
During the time that Janet worked for us at NETS, I have found Janet to be an enthusiastic colleague, passionate about her work. She gives the best of herself and always have new ideas to contribute. She was self motivated and was an asset to the organisation.

Poh Mui Hoon
APAC Leader, Entrepreneur, Non-Executive Independent Director, Board Member, Public Speaker
 Janet is a self-starter and a mature, emotionally sensitive individual who is able to find solutions to the most challenging situations. Janet has a special way of connecting with people and bring them together for the benefit of the larger good.
Suman Balani
EMCCC PCC ECPC ABW Global Executive and Team Coach

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